The present electric fencing alternatives are tough, appealing and powerful, regardless of whether utilized alone or as a way to shield horses from harming your costly wooden posts and rails. Worked from tough innovative materials, advantageous and reasonable.

Before choosing a permanent electric fence, the following factors should be considered:

When selecting the right energiser, the first things to consider are intended use, local facilities and conditions.

Before choosing the right power supply, we must consider the following facts.

If there is a mains connection in the vicinity, we can use a mains energiser.

Without mains, you can operate the energiser with a 9 volt battery or with a 12 volt rechargeable battery.

DUO energisers can be used with 12 volt battery as well as mains power.

If you have opted for the 12 volt energiser with battery, you have also the option to include a solar panel to extend the time between charges.

Once the power supply is known, the impulse strength must be selected.

This depends on the animals you plan to keep in or try to keep out and the length of the fence.

The condition of the ground whether it’s damp or dry, as well as vegetation, plays a role.

Basically, the longer your fence, the more discharge energy your energiser will need to have.

The strength of the energy output is given in joules.

Here you must also take into account, how many rows of conducting material are attached or if nettings are used.

Animal species that require a relatively low strength energiser, are small animals such a dogs, cats, badgers and racoons.

The permanent electric fencing for horses requires a medium strength Energizer and is suitable for animals such as ponies, cattle, poultry and roe deer.

Due to their low sensitivity, for animals such as goats, sheep, wild boar, galloways and wolves an energiser with higher output is recommended.

Once these points have been considered, the next question to answer is, are the quality criterias being met.

Since the energisers directly influence how secure your fence will be, it make no sense to cut corners here.

Finally, the subject of safety also has something to do with insurance claims.

Here it is important that the equipment used complies with the current safety standards.

Please consider how easy an energiser would be to use.

For example, is there an on/off switch, how easy is it to operate and how fence cables are connected?

When it comes to comfort, you can rely on the new remote controlled energiser.

This allows you to operate and monitor your fence from a distance of up to 10 km.

And all this without a sim card, so no runnings costs.