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Ranches for Sale in New Mexico

It’s a fact that New Mexico is a very large state. It happens to be 5th in size compared to the 50 States in the USA. Facts bear out that it is + 78,000,000 million acres and encompasses New Mexico is the fifth-biggest state in the United States, covering an area of 121,598 square miles (78 million acres). Most of the surface in New Mexico is made of land, 121,298 square miles, and 292 square miles of water. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management – a U.S. government agency) and the USDA Forest Service manage a large majority of New Mexico land.

New Mexico Land – Cheap Land and Lots of It

At around 47%, less than half of the land in New Mexico is owned privately. The fact of the matter is land in New Mexico is the lowest price per acre in the USA, making it very, very affordable to own property. Landing buying opportunities are abundant with approximately 1,500,000 acres up for sale.

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