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Farms for Sale in New Mexico

It just so happens that people have been farming in New Mexico for around 25 centuries. Back 2,500 years a group of people known as the Mogollon, grew beans, squash and corn. Records show that Native Americans, the Spanish and Anglo pioneers were farming in New Mexico for what is now hundreds of years ago. Today much of the farming that was going on then is still going on to this very day.

New Mexico is still a very strong farming State with more than 23,000 farms and in excess of 43,000,000 farmland acres. The predominant commodities in New Mexico include corn, cotton, chiles, onions, hay, and pecans. It usually ranks in as one of the top pecan producers in the USA and it also has some very large dairy producing herds.

New Mexico is mostly made of plains and mountain desert terrain. It is normally very sunny, with a variety of temperatures and plenty of breeze year round. Most farms in New Mexico require irrigation because of the dry climate. The time frame for the growing season for New Mexico crops are 110 days in the Rio Grande Valley and 60 days in Northern New Mexico. The State of New Mexico features four distinct geographic sections, seven life zones with a variety of plants and animals that thrive, grow and live in a diverse set of topography, elevations and temperature ranges.

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